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Free ZOOM call with Rüdrani Devi with Spanish translation

Join Rü for a conversation regarding classes she'll be facilitating in Barcelona, Spain in 2020! Look at these juicy offerings! HDIGABTT?

2/19/20: BARS SWAP
2/20/20: Intro to Right Voice
2/21-22-23/20: Right Voice
2/24/20: Ten Keys Book Club "Choosing Happiness"

In her new best selling book, CHOOSING HAPPINESS, Rüdrani Devi explores the many reasons why we might not choose happiness and offers ten key tools, along with many others from the Access Consciousness® movement, that helped her navigate choosing a journey to happiness, sometimes against all odds.

Choosing Happiness website:

Link to purchase book:

NOTE: A Spanish version will be available December 1, 2020

Please contact our hosts via FaceBook messenger for more information:

Vera Natalia
Mónica Ruiz Márquez

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More information HERE.