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Gettin' Happy with Paula Peralta

Meet the fabulous Paula Peralta, my next Get Happy Podcast guest.  

Not only is she an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and Empowerment Coach, she moonlights as a Hair Stylist in Los Angeles, CA.

Years of work with her salon clients, coupled with extensive training as a facilitator and coach, allowed Paula to create a space where clients can get more than just a new hairstyle. Her clients also receive facilitation on the roadblocks that often cross our paths with the tools of Access Consciousness.

Paula’s focus is to invite everyone to acknowledge the gift and contribution they truly be to the world.  And she reminds us that if you can acknowledge the happy in her, then you have it within you as well.  How does it get any better?Listen to it here:

Find Paula here:

Where to find Rü:

Youtube Channel | Facebook | Access Consciousness Profile

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