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Devi Shop

Welcome to the Devi Shop! Here you can find clearings, essential oils, recording, and products to create ease, joy and glory in your life. Would you like that? 


What if you could create more in your live by just hitting the play button and releasing the all the trauma and drama, that has been around an specific topic? What if you could add and create more money in your life just by listening to a clearing loop about money and creation? Is that something that you are looking for?


      Tele-Calls & Immediate Downloads

        Devi Essentials

        Devi Essentials, aromatherapeutic 100% pure essential oil blends are designed to vibrationally open the channels within the physical and multi-dimensional bodies to assist with healing, clearing, achievement or a deeper spiritual connection. Devi Essentials consists of 22 essential oil blends, 7 essential oil chakra blends and Rudrani’s signature perfume blend, DEVI, all which have been lovingly hand poured and bottled individually. Each blends is created with 100% pure organic essential oils and during an infusion meditative process, I commune with the ‘divine feminine’ aspects of the infinite Universe. Each blend carries a specific signature vibration to assist one’s energetic field to resonate their desired outcome. Find the right Devi Essentials blend to unlock your potential!

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