Meditation Oil Blend

Meditation Oil Blend


Materials: cedarwood, sandalwood

This blend fully supports one's meditation practice by opening up the channels of the spine through the progressive chakra system.

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Contains: cedarwood, and sandalwood. Placement: crown and/or third eye chakras.

Devi Essentials, aromatherapeutic 100% pure essential oil blends are designed to vibrationally open the channels within the physical and multi-dimensional bodies to assist with healing, clearing, achievement or a deeper spiritual connection. Devi Essentials consists of 22 essential oil blends, 7 essential oil chakra blends and Rudrani's signature perfume blend, DEVI, all which have been lovingly hand poured and bottled individually. Each blends is created with 100% pure organic essential oils and during an infusion meditative process, I commune with the 'divine feminine' aspects of the infinite Universe. Each blend carries a specific signature vibration to assist one's energetic field to resonate their desired outcome. Find the right Devi Essentials blend to unlock your potential!

Devi Essentials jewelry are hand made with pure sterling silver, semi-precious stones and/or genuine leather as one-of-a-kind individual pieces designed with the energy of love and gratitude. Each unique bracelet and necklace posses the vibratory intentions of many prayers and meditations. If a piece speaks to you directly, know you have found your vibrational match! Each design is package beautifully for gift giving as well.

Now about Devi Essentials oil blends:

You may ask yourself what makes these blends so special? They are hands down the purest and highest quality available in the world. Before each batch is made, rigorous testing is done to be sure that the oils are organic and that they are not cut with lower quality oils, possessing the highest aromatherapeutic properties available. Once these blends are created, I facilitate a special meditation process with the energies of the 'Divine Mother' to infuse them with vibratory match of the intention they were created for.

The therapeutic grade essential oils in Devi Essentials can play a big part in stress reduction, balanced heart rate, hunger control and sexual desire, all because of its inter-relationship with the limbic system. Whether the oils are placed on the body or inhaled directly, the odor molecules will travel to their limbic destination and create the appropriate neurochemicals to affect a physical response. Coupled with this special vibrational meditation process these blends, I feel, make them more potent than anything you'll find on the market.

Read these testimonies:

For many years I have been using essential oils for maintaining the delicate balance of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. When Devi Essentials became available, I began using these unique blends for my personal needs. Not only have I experienced noticeable and undeniable results, I have witnessed yoga students respond positively to the oils within one class session. I whole-heartedly recommend Devi Essentials’ inspired oils for everyone’s medicine chest. Each day we are reminded of the need for balance in our lives and our world. What a beautiful way to support our true nature; to merge with essential oils from the divine Mother Goddess, the plant kingdom, nature herself. After all, we are one.

Diane Avice du Buisson
Yoga Source
_ _ _

My job is high demand, requires quick decisions, and is sometimes quite stressful. I keep “center” essential oil near so that before meetings or presentations I take a few moments to inhale deeply and allow myself the “moment” to realign with myself and become centered once again. I find this rewarding and beneficial in that I am able to keep the stress at bay and focus on what is really happening.

Dawn Greene Rogers
Account Executive

_ _ _ _

The “Meditation” candle stays on my desk to help keep me centered as I write. Whenever I’m feeling tense, I stop to inhale its rich fragrance. My body immediately relaxes and my mood shifts. This wonderful candle is so heady with oils; its aroma permeates the space even when it isn’t burning. It’s a treasure.

Beth Stein

_ _ _ _

Devi Essential Oils: I’ve used oils for years and none have impressed me as much as these. They are concentrated and pure….clean and most effective. I’ve seen and experienced NOTHING like them!!

Anna Maria
Artistic Life Coach

_ _ _ _

The Sixth Chakra Oil called ‘Absolute’ is ‘absolute’ly wonderful. With its delightfully unique aroma, it has energized not only my sixth chakra, but also my circulation. By placing it on my pulse points, my circulation has improved and it makes a great cologne at the same time!

The Meditation Incense greatly enhances my mediation practice! Whenever I get a deep inhale of the incense, which of course always happens at just the right moment, I am able to go deeper into my meditation and instantly feel more open.

Tisha M.

_ _ _ _

I begin each morning with Devi Essentials Grounding oil, rubbing it on thesoles of my feet and in the palms of my hands. It gently and beautifully helps me stay connected to my body and my self throughout the day. When things are particularly stressful, I reapply as needed. It goes with me everywhere and I love, love, love it!

Anna J.

_ _ _ _

Five months after I began using Awaken essential oil combined with the healing properties of Balance, Center, Grounding and Love, I began having very profound spiritual experiances. Since then I have successfully used clearing and integration to continually “peel away the layers” and allow this divine journey to unfold.

My deepest gratitude for the healing that Devi Essentials has brought to my life!

D. Anderson
Business Owner

_ _ _ _

I recently moved to Washington State to continue education in the design field. This was a traumatic experience, leaving a strong support system and my family to create a new life for myself in the unknown. I recall one day in particular I was preparing for my first design presentation in front of a jury of instructors. I prepared myself in the morning with ‘gratitude’, ‘ love’, ‘grounding’ and ‘blissful’ essential oils. It was a success! The success for me was how I was feeling, confidence in a healthy way and so very grounded. I have used Devi Essentials oil blends daily, and on days I miss, there is a difference. I am certain from my heart there is divinity within these oils.

Susan Jane Hall