I have known Rudrani Devi for at least 20 years. I met her when we were both working in the film industry in Nashville Tn. I was amazed at her countenance and just the way she moved through the world as such a kind and all knowing , but not judgmental being. This was before she discovered Access Conscious. She was an amazing Energy Healer at the time and was very potent. But after she began to implement the teachings of Access Consciousness, Rudrani became even more potent and enlightened. She is a powerful woman, a powerful creator for her own destiny and a powerful healer. And for me she is my powerful, amazing friend.
— Debra Wingo Williams, Aesthetician

Rudrani Devi is a skilled, intuitive, compassionate healer with many years of experience. Her intuitive abilities allow her to get to the depth of her clients concerns on a level that is beyond the physical. Rudrani not only offers personal sessions but also shares her knowledge with others through classes and workshops. She is an amazing facilitator; her events are high-energy, fun, hands on opportunities to learn from the best. I highly recommend working with Rudrani Devi.
— Debe Sullivan, Mindful Living, Paducah, KY

Several years ago I went to see Ru upon a recommendation. Once there I began to understand the energy and how we can heal through it. A year or so later I made a decision to learn to facilitate BARS as well. What a gift it has been to me and so many others. You get all the stars 🌟
— Christa Suppan, The Lipstick Lounge, Owner

Ru has been a long time friend and mentor. I value her perspectives and I treasure her gifts. She has taught me many techniques and processes which have provided a road way to a much more positive, healthy, and open future.
— Shauna Dixon Esq.

The Bars class I took with Ru was an experience I have never been through. I found it engaging and I learned new tools to process information and to also release that what is no longer life giving to me or my body.
— Hannah Dennison, Realtor

Taking Rudrani’s BARS course was one of the most beneficial classes I have ever taken period! This is so eye opening with how our bodies are made to help heal one another...it is like a lock and key with our fingertips and the natural fixtures of our skull to hold them. Take this course and see if it may save your body from the hard work you have been doing over the years sharing your therapy, save your mind, save your Spirit! You do not want to miss out on this find!
— Darren Lee Williams, Massage/Yoga Therapist

I’m so very, very grateful I took the Access Bars class. Having Ru facilitating is beyond explanation. From the energy and flow, that experience changed me more than I could have ever imagined possible and continues to generate even more for me. It was a phenomenal class!!! Exploring with Ru is a pure journey of ease and joy. I had so much fun and we never got to any area that she wasn’t willing to explore all the possibilities; and for me, that was so different and welcomed ... pure magic!!! Love her Being and Infinite Generosity of Spirit!!! Love you, Ru ❤
— Suzette Herbert

Rudrani is beyond gifted as a healer and energy worker. Her focused presence and awareness create quantum changes in all levels of her clients’ being.
— Mary Beth Crawford, LMT